Exciting News!

Beastie Group

Oh dear! I have been a rather lazy blogger these last couple of months! But there has been a lot going on behind the scenes, and now I have news aplenty to share!

First of all, a while back I selected an elite Beastie crew, which included most of the monsters you can see in the picture above, and sent them off on a top-secret mission. After bundling them up in bubble wrap to protect them from the whims of the Irish weather (and also to keep them entertained on their journey)…
Goth Beastie, ready to wrap!

…and tucking them in with plenty of colourful tissue paper…
Beasties away!

…we were ready to take a trip on the Dart!
Box of Beasties!

The team was dropped off at a strategic location, and then all I could do was sit back and wait to hear whether or not their mission had been successful. There were tense moments, sleepless nights… but hurrah! On Friday I received word that all has gone according to plan.

And what was this top-secret mission, you ask?
Beasties go online!

Only a move into the world of high street and online retail! The lovely people at Opening Minds are now selling Beasties on their website, and will be introducing them into their Dun Laoghaire store in the next couple of days! I could not be more proud of my little monsters!

Meanwhile, all has not been quiet on the home front either. Because Beastie Towers has relocated! Beasties, Boyfriend and I have been settling into our new home in a surprisingly quiet part of Dublin’s city centre. We are now enjoying an unprecedented amount of natural light (excellent for making fiddly Beastie accessories), greenery and – SHOCK – birdsong instead of traffic noise! I’ve also finally been able to liberate the rest of my crafty supplies from storage, giving me so much more fabric and yarn to play with. I can’t wait to get started!

Speaking of which, my knitting needles are calling… I should have a heap of new Beasties to share with you soon!

10 thoughts on “Exciting News!

  1. My goodness you have been busy beavering away, I don’t know which piece of news is more exciting…..I’m so very thrilled for your relocation, and as for your global domination with your Beastie Empire many, many congratulations

    1. Thank you! Now I hope to reward myself for all my hard work by doing some crafting for a change… I’m brimming over with ideas for new Beasties! Can’t wait to get started 😁

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