Sold Out

Oh wow! I went to the Craft Fair hoping to introduce my Beasties to the wider world and maybe make a sale or two… but I never thought I’d re-home them all! And I had a great time doing it, too.

Here are a couple more of the Beasties who set off on new adventures this weekend:

Wintery Beastie

This Beastie with his toasty bobble hat and scarf combo was bought by a friend of mine who plans to send him to her niece and nephew in Japan! That’s probably the furthest any of them have ever travelled…

Beastie Mum & Baby

Rumour has it that this Beastie family will be a surprise gift for a mum-to-be…

Beastie in a Fez

…And my fez-wearing Beastie found a happy home with someone who decided, after much deliberation, that this was his favourite.

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