It’s Market Day!

My Craft Fair Stall

The Beasties and I had a great first day at the Ranelagh Christmas Craft Fair! This is how my stall looked just before the doors opened this morning, and a good few of these are off to new homes tonight! Not bad for a first attempt… We’ll be heading back tomorrow, and I’m going to have to try VERY hard not to spend too much money at the other stalls.

Here are some of the Beasties who left with new parents today:

Ghetto Blaster Beastie

Ghetto Blaster Beastie – inspired by 80s films and my ongoing love of cassette tapes.

Punk Beastie

Punk Beastie – shown here in close-up so you can admire his safety pin piercings and blue mohawk. I love this photo, it cracks me up every time I look at it!

Schoolboy Beastie

Schoolboy Beastie – since the Craft Fair is being held in a school hall, it made sense for me to include a school-themed monster! As well as the official uniform of felt tie and cap, this guy has a hand-stitched leather satchel.

Carrier Bags

I also spent a bit of time yesterday making my own carrier bags – not very high-tech, but they were fun to do. And that’s all that matters! More tomorrow…

4 thoughts on “It’s Market Day!

    1. Hard to tell… Beastie music plays at a higher frequency than humans can hear. They didn’t seem to be fighting, anyway… And I think they might have ended up going home together, with two brothers!

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