Rock Girl Beastie, by CrawCrafts Beasties

Beasties Rock!

Hey there everyone! It’s a sunny spring Tuesday in Dublin, and I’ve a fresh new Beastie to share with you all! Now, from the title, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this one has a geological theme… But in fact it’s more of a rock ‘n’ roll vibe we’re going for! Hey there, Beastie lady!
Rock Girl Beastie - Commissions by CrawCrafts BeastiesThis Beastie was requested as a very special birthday gift and she needed to match her new buddy’s look as closely as possible. So, that boiled down to a pairing of flashes of bright colour with a few nods to gothic/heavy metal style. No problemo!

I started out with the black hoodie. The hood can be worn up or down…
Beastie Hoodie - CrawCrafts Beasties… And is removable, too. However, after several instances of Beastie nudity on this blog, I’ve decided this little monster is going to stay dressed. We don’t want to be getting a reputation.

The hoodie also features an embroidered zip, just because zip manufacturers haven’t caught on yet to the need for non-human-sized clothing fastenings. Now, it’s normal for me to have at least one “go overboard” moment with every Beastification I take on, and this time around it manifested itself as the quest for fake zip perfection. In the end, I used short stitches with a slight overlap to create the effect of interlocking zip teeth… What do you think?
Embroidered Zip Detail - Rock Girl Beastie - CrawCrafts BeastiesAnd now that the hoodie hood is down, you will have noticed that this Beastie is rocking some rather spiffy piercings and a cute bob and fringe!
Beastie Jewellery and Hairstyle - CrawCrafts BeastiesI made sure to keep the individual strands of hair quite fine, though – just to make sure her hair wasn’t too big to fit inside her hoodie hood.

Then, I completed her styling with some winged eyeliner and eyelashes. Just tuck your hair behind your ears there, so we can see…
Beastie Makeup - CrawCrafts BeastiesVery nice!

And while her beautiful mustard yellow complexion and turquoise stripes mostly ticked the “splash of colour” box, we decided that a bright pink backpack would complete the look.
Beastie Backpack - Rock Girl Beastie - CrawCrafts BeastiesAs you can see, it tucks in neatly underneath the hoodie hood, so she can bring it with her come rain or shine!

Then, she’ll definitely need something to go inside that backpack, right? Here you go!
Cookie Time! CrawCrafts BeastiesBeastification complete… Rock on!
Rock Girl Beastie, Ready to Go! CrawCrafts BeastiesMany thanks to Caspar for this awesome Beastie project… And to all of you for dropping in to visit! Paddy and Plunkett will be back next Tuesday, so be sure to join us then.

Enjoy your week!