Paddy and Plunkett’s Summer Staycation

The boys are back in town... Or are they? Like the rest of us, they've been locked in for the last few months, and now they're eager to get away. Staycation or long-haul round-the-world trip, they don't mind! Fortunately, it looks like an opportunity to travel has just presented itself. "What's going on here, Paddy?" … Continue reading Paddy and Plunkett’s Summer Staycation

Exploring Out West

This weekend, Explorer Beastie took his first trip westwards, to Co. Roscommon. Um, where? Don't worry, I didn't know it existed myself until I met someone from there during my first week in college. Roscommon sits in the western midlands of Ireland, which means that it's pretty far removed from any of the main tourist … Continue reading Exploring Out West