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Off The Bea(s)ten Track in Copenhagen!


Yep, Explorer Beastie is back today with more snaps from our recent trip to lovely sunny Copenhagen!
Explorer Beastie in Copenhagen - CrawCrafts BeastiesFor this second post, we thought we’d stray away from the more typical tourist haunts and go hunting for the two places we always seem to end up in whenever we travel  – graveyards and botanical gardens. We were pretty excited to discover that Copenhagen had examples of both! Care to join us?

After a hearty breakfast at the Laundromat Café (it’s a laundry, and a café, AND a second-hand bookstore – what more could you need?) we pointed our feet/paws in the direction of Assistens Kierkegård… Turns out it was pretty much just around the corner!
Assistens Cemetery, Copenhagen - CrawCrafts BeastiesIf you’re looking for somewhere ghoulish and spooky, this place isn’t going to be your cup of tea at all. With its wide open spaces and tree-lined walkways, it’s really more like a park than a cemetery – and the locals seem to use it as one. That morning, it was full of people taking the baby out for a stroll, or cutting through on their way to work… All of them enjoying the bright sun and the peace that reigns inside the gates.
More From The Cemetery - CrawCrafts BeastiesAssistens Kierkegård is the last resting place of many famous Danes – in our wanderings, we came across the graves of Hans Christian Andersen, Søren Kierkegaard and Niels Bohr – but one of my favourite spots was the small Russian cemetery, tucked away in a quiet, shaded corner.
The Russian Cemtery at Assistens Cemetery I could have stayed here all day… But Explorer Beastie was anxious to get to our next port of call, the Botanisk Have. It was back towards the city centre, and conveniently near the Torvehallerne food hall – that was lunch sorted! Suitably refuelled, it was time for some springtime fun among the crocuses…
Springtime Beastie Fun! CrawCrafts BeastiesFollowed by a chance to view the gardens from higher ground…
The Botanical Gardens - CrawCrafts Beasties…And indulge in a little early sunbathing!
Catching Some Rays in Copenhagen - CrawCrafts BeastiesOooh, what’s in here?
Peeking Inside the Palm House - CrawCrafts BeastiesThe Palm House is the main attraction in the Botanical Gardens… And unlike the one in Dublin, you can climb a winding spiral staircase to the top and look down into the treetops! But WOW, is it hot up there – within seconds, my camera lens had completely steamed up!
In the Jungle - CrawCrafts BeastiesExplorer Beastie would NEVER be seen in public without his trademark beanie hat, so he retired to the cooler environs of my bag until we came back down. But once we moved to one of the more temperate houses, he was up to his usual tricks again…
Explorer Beastie in the Botanisk Have - CrawCrafts BeastiesIt was nearly impossible to persuade him to hop back into the bag and head for home. So, look out Copenhagen! I have a feeling we’ll be back…
Goodbye Copenhagen! CrawCrafts BeastiesWhat do you always look out for when you visit a new city? Let us know in the comments!

Explorer Beastie in Copenhagen - CrawCrafts Beasties

Beastie on Tour!

Things have been a little quiet on the exploring front these last couple of years. Between one thing and another, Explorer Beastie and I haven’t managed to get further afield than Donegal in a long time! But all that changed last week…
Beastie on a Plane! CrawCrafts BeastiesLook! We’re on a plane! And that’s a pretty good indicator that we’re leaving the island… But where are we off to?
Sunshine! CrawCrafts BeastiesWell, this is a good start – a nice bit on sunshine on our first morning! Time for a quick stroll around this lake, I think.
Around the Lake - CrawCrafts BeastiesBeautiful! Now maybe we could try getting a bird’s eye view of this city, so that the good folks watching at home can see where we are…
Around the Lake - CrawCrafts BeastiesAha! So, we have spires, verdigris…
Beastie Eye View - CrawCrafts Beasties… And in the distance, the bridge to Sweden. Welcome to… COPENHAGEN!
One of our first ports of call here was the Rundetaarn (Round Tower), which gave us these great views out over the city, and helped us to plan our wandering for the day. This tower was built by King Christian IV in 1642 as an observatory (it’s actually the oldest functioning observatory in Europe) and it is also Denmark’s “zero point” – when the country was first surveyed by Thomas Bugge in the late 1760s, he took the Rundetaarn as the starting point for all his calculations of distance throughout the kingdom. And there’s more to the tower than the viewing platform at the top. You can see this working model of the solar system on the wall as you come back down…
Inside the Rundetaarn - CrawCrafts Beasties… And that (unfortunately hazy – it was dark!) picture in the bottom right is the tower’s hollow core, where you can stare 25m straight down through the plate glass floor. As you can see, Explorer Beastie wasn’t fazed by this at all, but the most I could manage was placing one foot on the glass while the other remained firmly planted on the stones at the edge! Although it turns out that I really needn’t have worried – in 1880, a choirboy tumbled out of a toolroom at the top of the core and fell the full distance to the bottom, where he remained trapped for the better part of a day before being discovered, alive, with nothing more than a scrape on his arm and a few missing teeth!

Copenhagen’s skyline is packed with beautiful tall spires, but one particularly caught our eyes from the top of the Rundetaarn. So when we found ourselves back at street level, we made a Beastline right for it!
The Spire at Børsen - CrawCrafts BeastiesThis is Børsen, the old Danish Stock Exchange. If you look closely, you’ll see that the tower has four dragons at its base, and their intertwined tails form the 50m tall spire. Beast-tastic!

And, although this was our favourite, there were plenty of other elaborate buildings to distract us as we wandered through the city streets.
Copenhagen Snapshots - CrawCrafts BeastiesWe also found some monuments on a more Beastie-sized scale. Well, we could hardly visit Denmark and not set foot inside a Lego store, could we?
Explorer Beastie Explores the Lego Store - CrawCrafts BeastiesAnd after a long day’s meandering, our weary paws brought us to one of the most iconic parts of the city – the tall, colourful townhouses at Nyhavn! Of course, I couldn’t resist taking one more photo before it got dark…
Explorer Beastie at Nyhavn - CrawCrafts BeastiesPerfect!

You can see more of our Nordic adventures next week – but what do you think of Copenhagen so far? Have you ever been, or is it on your travel-to-do list? Let us know in the comments!