Paddy and Plunkett, Centurions - H Crawford/CrawCrafts Beasties

Roman Around With Paddy and Plunkett!

It may have been a while since we last caught up with Paddy and Plunkett, but that doesn't mean that they haven't been up to their usual tricks! Last month they set off to the south east of England, hoping to escape the decidedly un-spring-like weather we were enduring here in Ireland at the time. … Continue reading Roman Around With Paddy and Plunkett!

A Sunny Stroll by the Grand Canal

New year, new feature... Welcome to the first instalment of Explorer Beastie's Dublin! Explorer Beastie had a bit of a quiet year in 2015... ... So we thought that it would be fun for both of us to get out a little more, and show you the hidden corners of our city from a Beastie's-eye … Continue reading A Sunny Stroll by the Grand Canal

Meet Paddy & Plunkett!

Regular visitors to the Beasties' Facebook page will recognise these handsome characters from my St Patrick's Day post! For everyone else, allow me to introduce Paddy... ...and Plunkett! Normally I let a Beastie's adoptive parents choose their names, but my mum was quite taken with this pair when I brought them with me on a … Continue reading Meet Paddy & Plunkett!