A Sporty Beastie… With ALL the Accessories!

Eeeeek! Hello there everyone! Sorry I’m a smidge late to the party this week – I’ve taken on a little extra work recently, and unfortunately my blogging time got squeezed out! But I still have a brand new Beastie to share with you today, so how about we kick back on this lazy Sunday morning, and hang out with him and all his accessories?

(As I mentioned way back last week, he has SO MANY accessories!)

Hey there, Mr Beastie!
Bruce Beastie, A Commission by CrawCrafts Beasties

“Mr Beastie” seems very formal though, doesn’t it? Maybe we should get on first name terms. This Beastie started life as a request from one of my lovely knitting students, who wanted to Beastify her husband Bruce as a birthday gift. So I’m guessing that makes this fellow Beastie Bruce!

Human Bruce is an active kind of guy, and every morning he dons his yellow hi-viz vest before he cycles to work. Great, let’s give Beastie Bruce one of those!Beastie Bruce's Hi Viz Vest - CrawCrafts Beasties
As you can see, the felt hi-viz has a stripe of reflective ribbon… And is removable!

Underneath, there’s a Beastified version of Human Bruce’s favourite grey wool coat, complete with buttons.
Beastie Bruce's Wool Coat - CrawCrafts BeastiesAnd, in Russian-doll-like fashion, that’s removable too!
Bruce Beastie's Wool Coat and Hi-Viz Vest - Beastie Accessories by CrawCrafts Beasties
What’s he got on under there, then?
Sporting Gear for Beastie Bruce - CrawCrafts BeastiesAha! It’s a blue running top! I chose a colour that matches the shirt Human Bruce got for taking part in the Dublin Marathon… See, I told you he was sporty! His stripey beanie hat is also a marathon souvenir.
Bruce Beastie's Beanie - Beastie Accessories by CrawCrafts Beasties

At this point, I should probably mention that Human Bruce isn’t originally from round these parts. He and his wife Sue have been living in Dublin for the last few years, having moved over from Australia for work commitments. Apparently, he’s become quite interested in the Irish sport of hurling during his time here… So, surprise surprise, Beastie Bruce wants a slice of that action too!
Hurling With Beastie Bruce - Accessories by CrawCrafts Beasties
And thanks to his magnetic paws, he can pick up and set down his hurley at will!
Beastie Bruce's Magnetic Paws - CrawCrafts BeastiesGood work, Beastie Bruce! It gives me great pleasure to present you with this special Beastie-sized medal.
Beastie Bruce's Marathon Medal - Beastie Accessories by CrawCrafts Beasties

Fortunately, he seems to be a gracious winner. Let’s reward him further with… Some more accessories! I reckon he needs something to go in that nice blue backpack.
Bruce Beastie's Backpack - Beastie Accessories by CrawCrafts BeastiesHow about a tasty croissant to snack on? It’s Human Bruce’s favourite way to start the day! This one is made of felted wool – the perfect low-fat, high-fibre treat for a Beastie on the go.
A Beastie-Sized Croissant - CrawCrafts Beasties

And, because reading “The Irish Times” has become a cherished part of Human Bruce’s Dublin routine…
Beastified Irish Times - Beastie Accessories by CrawCrafts BeastiesI think he’s finally good to go!
What's in Beastie Bruce's Backpack? CrawCrafts BeastiesOh, and although he’s been wearing them throughout all the pictures in this post, let’s not forget those glasses! Some careful work with needle and pliers meant that I could capture the thin metal frames of Human Bruce’s specs.
Beastie Bruce's Glasses - Beastie Accessories by CrawCrafts BeastiesPhew! It’s only when I write a post like this that I realise how much goes into each and every Beastification. Still, this was such a fun project. Then seeing Human Bruce sharing pictures of his new monster buddy was the icing on the cake!

By the way, if you have someone in your life who you think merits a full Beastification, all you have to do is drop me a line and we’ll get the process under way!

Alrighty, enjoy the rest of your weekend… Are you being active like Bruce Beastie, or taking it easy? Let us know in the comments! I’ll be back in a week and a bit, hopefully with a slightly clearer schedule… See you then!

13 thoughts on “A Sporty Beastie… With ALL the Accessories!

    1. Why thank you, Mariss! This one kept me out of mischief for a while, but it was totally worth it 😊 Cheers for stopping in!

  1. I really don’t know where to start with admiring this one! I think the Irish Times is my favourite accessory, quickly followed by the coat. Beasties have great coats. Third favourite is the hat. And then the glasses. Not forgetting the back pack….and EVERYTHING ELSE (including the hair!)

    1. Thanks, Queen Bee! Especially for noticing his hair… Blond(e) Beasties actually get a mixture of a few different shades of happy wool to add a realistic “depth” to the colour, y’know! Thank you for swinging by 😊

    1. Heehee! Thanks, Hannah. You’re right, we can’t have him running out of steam 😁 Cheers for swinging by!

  2. Helen, you out do yourself with each new Beastification! Beastie Bruce is a true masterwork – while I’ve never met the man himself, I feel acquainted with his amazing athleticism and morning routine. WOW! A big bravo on this beautiful handiwork. You’ve got what my French teacher called “doigts de fΓ©e” 🧚🏻

    1. Awww, thanks Shirley! I will take your “doigts de fΓ©e” compliment as the rightful natural balance for my “pieds d’Γ©lΓ©phant”! πŸ˜‚ Cheers for dropping in to meet Beastie Bruce!

    1. Awww Tierney, I’m so chuffed you’re delving this far back into the archives! Thank you!! 😊😊😊

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