Beastie Fun in the Sun

Hello there everyone, and happy Tuesday to you all! It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Dublin, and the clear blue skies have me thinking about all the amazing Beastie travel pics I’ve been sent (and taken myself) over the last few years. The BeastieBlog archive is pretty vast at this point, and it’s a shame to leave those old posts just sitting there, right? So I thought I’d take a wander down sun-soaked memory lane – care to join me?

Explorer Beastie is up for it, anyway. Here he is enjoying an unusually warm day (for Ireland!) in Carlingford in 2016.
Explorer Beastie Chooses A Sunny Spot - CrawCrafts BeastiesAside from catching some rays in the garden, this trip also saw us exploring a forest inhabited by fairies and giants! If you’re new to the BeastieBlog, you can read the full story here.

2016 was a great year for Beastie travel. One of my favourite sets of photos came from Grim Reaper Beastie, who found himself among the Mayan ruins at Tulum and Coba in Mexico!
Grim Reaper Beastie at Tulum - N Depping/CrawCrafts Beasties

Next up – Fairy Princess Beastie takes a trip to Germany’s longest suspension bridge! It was a bright, sunny autumn day… But would a Beastie and her human friend be brave enough to cross this long, narrow bridge suspended 100m above the valley floor? Find out here!
At The Bridge - L&P Döring/CrawCrafts Beasties

And Paddy and Plunkett are no strangers to a bit of fun in the sun, either! They’ve often stowed away with some obliging human voyagers in search of warmer climes. One of my all-time favourite P&P holiday photos has to be… THIS ONE!
Paddy, In Search of the Perfect Tan - H Crawford/CrawCrafts BeastiesOoops! Perhaps I should have included a “gratuitous Beastie nudity” warning before publishing that… Moving swiftly on!

Now, when the sun is blazing down and it’s sweltering hot out, a dip in the sea is the perfect way to cool off. Well, it is for people… But do Beasties get to enjoy this too? If you’re Finn McSpool, then the answer is a resounding YES. His underwater exploits in Hawaii broke new ground (or water) for Beastie travel adventures!

Underwater Adventuring - Extreme Beastie Photography
Extreme Underwater Beastie photo borrowed from

And finally, delving waaaaay back into Beastie history… Does anyone remember this one? On a bright spring day in March 2014, Victorian Explorer Beastie scaled Bray Head, just south of Dublin city, to enjoy the scenery!Bray Head
Wow, what a view! Although, if memory serves, his little stripey legs were a bit tired after the long uphill haul, and he may have hopped in my bag for the return journey!

How about you? Are there any favourite Beastie adventures from days gone by that you’d like to revisit? Or maybe you’ve been lucky enough to snap a mischievous monster at play near you? Either way, be sure to tell us all about it in the comments!

Aaaaand we’ll be back with fresh NEW Beastie adventures next Tuesday, so be sure to join us then!

10 thoughts on “Beastie Fun in the Sun

  1. Ahhh love Victorian Explorer Beastie so so much! Cannot wait to have some sunny adventures with Sinead Beastie and her soon to be new buddy…. bring on a cool but sunny spring!!!!

    1. I thought he might appeal! It’s hard to resist the lure of that charming ‘tache, isn’t it? Here’s to a sunny spring full of monster adventures 😁

  2. I can’t quite remember where and what beastie it was but in the back of my head there’s a picture of a beastie in an enormous library … I think that’s my favorite!

    1. Aaah, that’s probably from last year when Explorer Beastie visited the Long Room at Trinity College Dublin! It’s my dream room… 😊

  3. Now, I knew that the Beasties were a very well-traveled and adventurous lot, but their global reach is truly astounding. I reckon there’s literally been a Beastie on every continent by now?! (the uninhabitable Arctic regions notwithstanding). 🙂 And, I like Finn McSpool’s scuba gear!

    1. Simple yet effective, right? And I see no reason why Beasties shouldn’t make it to the polar regions eventually… They are made of wool, after all, making them presumably better equipped than some other polar explorers have been! Hmmm, anyone heading to the far North/extreme South anytime soon?

  4. Sun…warmth….please send some….we’re in desperate need here. I think Finn’s woolly innards have frozen solid! What a great trip down memory lane, but I think my favorite might be one where you visited the Oscar Wilde statue because I’m pretty sure that’s the post that introduced me to the marvelous world of Beasties. Life hasn’t been the same since…haha!

    1. Heeheehee! It’s improved immeasurably, right? 😂 As for that sun you requested, no can do… It’s bucketing here 😭 I’ll see what I can do when the rain stops and all my soggy shoes dry out! Stay toasty, all of you!

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