The End of Mad May!

I might have mentioned it already (once or twice) but May has been a SUPER-busy month here at Beastie Towers! With multiple commissions on the go, our stint at Woollinn last week, and a bit of extra time spent at our local yarn shop, it’s a miracle I’ve had time for anything else!
But May has also been the month of visitors, and one of the people I’ve been looking forward to meeting the most is long-time Beastie-and-blogging buddy, Tammie Painter! She and her husband first told me of their plans to visit Ireland waaaaay back towards the end of last year, and I have to admit that the excitement of maybe meeting one of my virtual friends in the real world has had me bombarding them with suggestions for must-visit places ever since.

Fortunately, this didn’t deter them.

But hey, what happens when two camera-shy blogesses meet up? Well, you let your Beasties take centre stage, of course!
A Beastie Gathering! May Update, Beastie HQ - CrawCrafts BeastiesIn the mix here, we have Explorer Beastie and the famous Finn McSpool… Plus a couple of new Beastie faces!

The turquoise-complexioned Beastie lady enjoying a bottle of Hop Monster IPA is Tammie Beastie, while the yellow fellow clutching the cookie is the monster counterpart of Tammie’s own “Mr Husband”. Human Mr Husband got in touch with me well ahead of their travel date, asking if I could create this woolly pair as a surprise birthday gift for Tammie – so of course I jumped at the chance! You’ll be able to meet them (and their extensive collection of Irish travel essentials) in my next post this coming Friday.

So, on with the tour… Although honestly, I was so busy playing guide that I kinda forgot to take pictures. And when I did, they ended up looking waaaaay better on the phone screen than they did once I saw them on my computer. OOOOPS.

Our first port of call was the Book of Kells and the Long Room Library. You’re not allowed to take pictures in the room where the Book of Kells is kept, but it’s so dark in there that I doubt my phone camera would have coped anyway! Fortunately, it’s a different story in the Long Room – and it’s every book lover’s idea of HEAVEN!
Explorer Beastie in the Long Room Library - CrawCrafts Beasties Beastie HQEach one of those alcoves on the left and right sides is lined with floor-to-ceiling shelves, and their lovely neat arrangement is down to the fact that they’re arranged by height, rather than alphabetically.
The Long Room Library, Trinity College Dublin - CrawCrafts Beasties, Beastie HQAs is the norm at this time of the year, the library was packed with visitors from all over the world… But Explorer Beastie still found a quiet corner to pose with this regal-looking bust!
Explorer Beastie meets a Long Room Library Resident - CrawCrafts Beasties Beastie HQI was also eager to take Tammie and Mr Husband to the home of the Black Stuff – but as the main Guinness visitor experience is pretty touristy (and also scarily expensive), I thought their experimental Open Gate Brewery might make for a better evening’s entertainment.

Once we’d chosen which of their extensive selection of brews we’d like to try, it was time for a little Beastie magic…
Beastie Magic - Open Gate Brewery Visit - CrawCrafts Beasties, Beastie HQAbracadabra! One humble bottle cap becomes several Beastie-sized glasses of beer. Nice one, Explorer Beastie!

Now, the good news is that Tammie has been much more diligent in documenting her travels than I was. You can catch up with Finn McSpool’s first reportage from the Emerald Isle here!

Oh, and speaking of holiday plans… It’s almost time for a new calendar page! I’m doing something different this time around, and doubling up June and July as one download.
June and July Calendars - Download from Beastie HQIt’s still free, of course! But at this time of year, there’s so much to keep track of… And this way, you can get going with those holiday plans right now! You can download your copy now from the Beastie HQ store, here.

Are any of you thinking of travelling to far-flung places? Be sure to tell us all about it in the comments! And I’ll be back on Friday with some new Beasties to share… See you then!

PS Over the last couple of weeks, the BeastieBlog has apparently been snacking on some of your comments! I’m really sorry about this, and I’ve been fishing them out of the spam folder as promptly as I can. Hopefully this glitch will be sorted out soon, and thanks to all of you who have persevered and left comments anyway! You’re the best!

46 thoughts on “The End of Mad May!

  1. Helen! So lovely to read of your adventures, always. I have that library on my list of places to visit–beautiful! So glad that Explorer Beastie made it for the tour! Wishing you a happy spring and summer πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Melissa! Sorry, Mad May didn’t leave much room for podcasts so I’ve a lot of catching up to do! Hope all is well with you… And when you finally make it over to the Long Room Library, I’ll be on hand for tour guiding services! Enjoy the warmer weather now that it’s finally here πŸ˜€

  2. That’s a clever beastie trick. I hope Slartibartfast can do that!
    Great book gallery and always good to see your posts πŸ™‚

    1. Hahaha! It is a neat trick alright… But the conditions have to be juuuuust right before it works πŸ˜‰ Thanks for calling in, Simon!

  3. Eeeeeeeekkkkk how did you ever survive?? Well done!!! Sounds like lots of fun mixed with work, though! My o my aren’t those books delectable? And I cannot wait to see more detailed shots of the happy new Beastie couple! Did the two of you really not take a human selfie?? *exaggerated eye roll* I figured y’all would not, but I was holding out hope. I guess I’ll have to live with Tammie crouching with the dog and just my imagination of your new fringe until the end of time. Sigh. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Mr Husband has been begging me to do a Xmas card photo for years and I’ve craftily avoided such horror. He’s now given me to permission to substitute Tammie Beastie for all future photography torture, so yeah, you’re just going to have to live with that doggie picture until the end of time!

      1. Aha! You see? That’s why Beastification is such a great idea. Hopefully this makes up for the now-infamous Undressing Incident. Let me know if Tammie Beastie needs any festive accessories… Elf outfit? Santa hat? Reindeer antlers? I know you’re a reeeeally big fan of festive attire πŸ˜‰

        1. I think a full-on Christmas Tree costume is the only way to go….compete with twinkling lights and a squirrel hidden inside waiting to jump out at some unsuspecting holiday caroler.

        2. Ooookaaaaay… I’d better get to work on that one now! 😡 Twinkly lights is totally possible, but the miniature attack squirrel might take some doing!

      2. So will human Mr Husband be posing with Beastie Tammie for the xmas card pic?Hahaha there will officially be no photo documentation of your physical existence as a human from this day forward …. it’s going to be REALLY confusing for those future historians trying to put together your Wikipedia page!

        1. Hahaha! I reckon this could be taken much further… I dare you to send Tammie Beastie next time you need a new passport photo!

        2. Yes, but thanks to Tammie Beastie I’ll now live a much longer life since I’ll no longer be faced with the depression of the reality of how god-awful I look, all of which means I get a longer Wikipedia page. See, planning ahead!

    2. Yeah! I DID survive… I reckon I should get a medal or something πŸ˜€ And I knooooowwwwww, we are truly a disgrace to the selfie-happy blogger community! Sorry ’bout that… But in fairness, your imagining of the fringe will probably be more flattering than the reality. Cuss you, hot soupy weather and playful Dublin breezes! These days I look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge!
      Cheers for stopping in! πŸ˜€

      1. Omg I LOVE the hedge look. The photographer the other day was like, ‘Do you want to like… style your hair?’ and I was like, ‘Ummmm… naaaahhh… I’m good! This my look!’ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

        1. Hahaha! Good call… I’ve made the mistake of doing my hair nicely for job interviews before, thus creating a false expectation that I will look like that every working day thereafter. Not going to happen πŸ˜‚

        2. Hahaha don’t want to create a false expectation! My professional appearance has devolved pretty drastically over the 3 years I’ve worked here… I pretty much basically wear pajamas most days. I keep worrying someone is gonna say something to me! I figure it all balances out though with the people who (inexplicably) wear sequins, leather trousers, and knee high boots to this godforsaken office.

        3. Ha! WHY? πŸ˜‚ Sounds like you’re probably safe enough though… When your boss prints out a copy of the company dress code and puts it on your desk on a regular basis, that’s when you’ve got problems! πŸ™„

    1. Hahaha! Me too… Although I would happily settle for just having a dedicated library in my home! Cheers for dropping in, Laura!

  4. Oh, now I do feel like I’ve not lived up to expectations if I was who you were looking forward to meeting most (hangs head in shame). I totally think I need a do over for that time in Dublin (preferably with fully functional knee)! So, um, my beer brewing kit came with about a dozen extra bottle caps….Could you maybe send Explorer Beastie this way to work his magic?

    1. Yeah, you’re absolutely right… I SHOULD come and visit you and Mr Husband in Oregon so we can have a do-over! πŸ˜‚ As for Explorer Beastie’s trick, it might have been a one-off… We’ve been trying to replicate it at home with a variety of bottle caps, and we’re having no luck whatsoever. Maybe ask Finn to have a go?

  5. Oh yes I really enjoyed Tammie’s post. Is it mandatory to bring our Beasties back to Ireland once they have lived with us for a while? Ha! That is so wonderful you got to meet a virtual friend her Mr. Husband in person and tour them about – exceptionally cool. Enjoyed your photos and stories (and beer tasting – mmmm) πŸ™‚

    1. Not mandatory… But highly recommended! I suggest May or September/October for your visit πŸ˜€ And it is fun to meet virtual friends in person… Especially when there’s a craft brew or two involved as well πŸ˜‹ Thanks for stopping in, Tierney!

  6. I’m still catching up on May and haven’t got round to reading Tammie’s posts yet. We spent a chunk of the month in Scotland and visited Jenny (I am Simply Hooked) so it’s clearly been the month for blogging meet-ups. We visited New Lanark on our way up to the west coast and I can highly recommend a trip if you are ever in the area (plus you get a discount on their wool if you stay at the hotel!).
    It looks like you had a fab time with Tammie and the new beasties are wonderful. I especially like the idea of beastie substitutes to use in photos and may have to commission some for me and Mr Snail… hmmm…

    1. Waaait a sec… Stay in the hotel, get discounted local wool?! That’s one for the travel list! Sounds like everybody has had a busy May… And it’s certainly a good time to visit Scotland, before the midges come out. I’m sure you had a super time! Plus I can see why you like blog/Twitter friend meet-ups so so much – after chatting online for so long, it’s great to catch up with these people in person!

      As for a pair of Snail Beasties, have a think about it and let me know! I’ve a couple of projects on the books for June, but I’d be ready to go in July if you’re up for it! Thanks for stopping in, Jan πŸ˜€

        1. Oooh, excellent! I’ll keep an eye out, and have a think about some details myself! πŸ˜€

  7. Delightful catching up on the Beasties’ adventures! Got to recall the time I got to see the Book of Kells! I loved the books but I remember most being impressed by that Long Room – what a place!

    1. Awww, thanks Amy! And yes, the Long Room is the highlight of the old library tour for me as well! I pretty much decided I wanted to live in Dublin after visiting it with my dad at age 11. Happy travels to you this summer! πŸ˜€

  8. Glad to read that the May Madness has calmed down. πŸ™‚ How lovely to see all of the Beasties together at last – looks like it was a very happy reunion of woolly monsters and their human counterparts! And the satchel full of cute, writerly accessories is the best. I can only imagine how huge the Guinness tourist crowds are this time of year – glad that there was an experimental alternative hangout. Nothing beats friends, books, and ale! πŸ™‚

    1. Absolutely! The three best things in life! And it does look like more people are catching on that May and September are the best times to visit Dublin… Places are already starting to get busy, even now! Fortunately the Open Gate Brewery is still just for those of us in the know πŸ˜‰ And I thought you might appreciate the satchel of writerly goodies! Cheers for stopping by, Shirley! πŸ˜€

    1. Oh, I know! It’s one of my favourite places in Dublin. And those books are still available to be used by students at the university as well, so it’s not just for show! Thanks for dropping in!

        1. Heehee! Alas, I think it’s only for certain areas of study. But there’s an ongoing book restoration project that always seems to need staff… I’ve thought about doing it myself! πŸ˜€

    1. Isn’t it awesome? I wonder how long it will be before someone thinks of doing a “Night in the Museum” style sleepover in there… πŸ€”

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