Cherry Nice!

Aaaah, cherry blossom! When you see those trees turned out in their delicate pink and white flowers, it’s usually safe to say that spring has well and truly sprung… Even in Ireland!

In St Stephen’s Green, right in the centre of Dublin, there’s a short walkway by the bandstand that’s lined with cherry trees. It’s one of my favourite places in the city at this time of year, so I decided to take Explorer Beastie out for a stroll there the other day. He seemed quite taken with it, and was happy to pose under the trees for a few photos… Spot the Beastie!
Explorer Beastie under the Cherry Trees - CrawCrafts BeastiesThen he realised that you can have WAY more fun kicking through the fallen flowers, and pretending that they’re pink snow.
Explorer Beastie in the Fallen Blossoms - CrawCrafts BeastiesOh, and they make a pretty natty fashion accessory, too…
Cherry Blossom, this season's must-have fashion accessory - CrawCrafts BeastiesVery nice. But is this really the best place to view this seasonal spectacle? Of course not! We need to be up higher.
Finding the Best Viewpoint - CrawCrafts BeastiesAaah, that’s much better!
The View From on High - CrawCrafts BeastiesIt took more than a little coaxing to get him back down again, but fortunately there were some colourful displays in the flower beds in the centre of the park that needed closer inspection…
The Colours of Spring in St Stephen's Green - CrawCrafts Beasties…Even if that meant breaking a couple of rules along the way.

Oi! Can’t you read?!
Paws off the Grass! CrawCrafts BeastiesLuckily I was able to scoop him up and sneak him away in my bag before the park attendants came along, but there’s every chance Explorer Beastie is now officially on the run from the law!

We’ll be back with more monster adventures next week – Paddy and Plunkett have been on another expedition, and they’ve sent me some great photos which I can’t wait to share with you! Until then, you can get a second dose of Beastie goodness this week, courtesy of Melissa at Knitting the Stash, who published a really lovely feature about us on her blog over the weekend!
We're on Knitting the Stash! M Littlefield/CrawCrafts BeastiesFellow yarn and fibre addicts will find lots to love in Melissa’s posts – a knitter, spinner, vlogger and occasional sheep farm visitor, there’s really nothing this lady can’t turn her hand to! Be sure to check out Knitting the Stash if you haven’t already, and thanks again to Melissa for letting us join the party!

26 thoughts on “Cherry Nice!

    1. Heehee, it was only short… But then so are Explorer Beastie’s legs! It’s always nice to get out at this time of the year, I love to see nature waking back up after the winter 😀

  1. Another great post! Lucky you and Explorer Beastie to have cherry blossoms to kick around! Here in Wyoming, we still have snow…although it is disappearing little by little!

  2. There’s an apple tree in bloom just up the street from my house. It’s so pretty I want to dig up the entire thing and put it in my living room…maybe there’d even be some tree-climbing Beastie hidden in the branches. Love the pics and congrats (again) on the bloggy fame!!!

    1. Oh wow, that tree probably smells amazing too! You’ve shown your hand a little here though – if said tree goes missing, the cops will know exactly where to look! But Finn McSpool will enjoy clambering in it until they show up 😀 Thanks for dropping in!

  3. I’m glad you and the beasties have been enjoying the blossoms and the advent of spring. Isn’t it great to be outdoors again? I love cherry blossom. A few years ago we went to Washington DC to catch the tail end of the cherry blossom festival. It was spectacular seeing all of those trees in bloom.

    1. Oh wow, I’m sure that was incredible! I caught the last couple of days of cherry blossom season in Japan a few years ago – that was awesome too! It’s definitely on a much smaller scale here, but as you say, it’s so nice to be outdoors and enjoying the colours. Happy Spring! 😀

  4. Beautiful! Aren’t cherry blossom trees an absolute delight?! So happy to see that Spring has sprung in Dublin, and that Explorer Beastie is enjoying the grass, regardless of what the signs say! And great interview, Helen – it was fun to read more about the Beasties, and your process. I didn’t know that the first one came out of a mitten – how very cool! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Shirley! Sometimes it does seem like all the best ideas happen by accident 😀 And it was nice to get out and look at a bit of nature… Spring in Ireland is a temperamental thing, and it’s gone back to being a bit grey and chilly again! At least the cherry blossoms are still around to add a splash of colour! 🌸

  5. Cherry Blossom season is my favorite! Here in Virginia it has been finished for a couple of weeks already!

  6. Ah, pink snow, lol. So much better than the white snow we keep getting dumped with. So much for spring! Looks like Explorer Beastie had a blast in those trees. Congrats on being featured at another blog! So very well deserved!:)

      1. Mwahahaha!! That it does! Maybe we got your snow order then? Silly weather fairies really should spend more time reading the order sheets and less time sprinkling snow all over Canada. Although, I guess if they have a surplus, we get the first dousing…

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