Happy New Year!

Happy 2017, everybody! Thanks to everyone who visited us here on the BeastieBlog in 2016… Here’s wishing all of you a year filled with fun, laughter and lots of monster adventures!

We’ll be back with some fresh Beastie fun in a couple of weeks… In the meantime, what have you planned for the new year? Let us know in the comments!

12 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

    1. Yeah! Where would we be without those trusty lists? Now, be sure to put “write lots of to-do lists” at the top of your first to-do list… Then you can cross it off pretty much immediately!

    1. Thanks Mrs P! I’m still fizzing with new year enthusiasm, and I can’t wait to share my latest round of Beastie friends with you all. I’m looking forward to hearing all about life at the Cottage on the Green in 2017 too!

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