Bon Voyage, Beastie!

Hooray! It’s new Beastie time again… Although today I will be taking a surprise break from the Famous Monsters theme of the last couple of weeks. I’ve been struck down by one of the delightful plagues that’s been doing the rounds lately, so I’ve spent the last few days binge-watching “The Killing” on Netflix and… um… precious little else. Fortunately I got this little monster completed before I buried myself under a heap of blankets on the sofa! He also headed off to his new home in sunny Barcelona this morning (lucky thing!) so what better time to introduce him to you all?
Beer Drinkin' Barcelona Beastie, by CrawCrafts BeastiesWhy hello there!

A friend of mine, who has been living in Dublin these last couple of years, decided recently that it was time to head back home to Spain… Well, who can blame him? I’m sure most of us would choose sipping Sangria by the beach over battling through the wind and rain on a dark November morning! But he did want to take home a reminder of his time in Ireland, and so he requested a special little monster Mini-Me!

So, this guy is made from 100% Irish wool… and of course, he had to be green!
A Green Irish Monster - Obviously! CrawCrafts BeastiesHis lustrous locks are made from a different yarn, though… a wool and alpaca blend, so they’re super-soft!

My friend also discovered the joys of a good IPA while he was living here, so his Beastie buddy was obviously going to get one of those, too!
Beastie IPA, by CrawCrafts BeastiesYUM!

Then to complete his look, I kitted this little woolly monster out in the style of his new human friend – a sharp-looking shirt, hoodie and jacket combo!
Looking Good, Beastie! CrawCrafts BeastiesLook, he can even wear his hood up… Although I’m sure he won’t need that so much where he’s going!

I can’t wait to see how he gets on in his new home in Barcelona! Good luck, Beastie!
Cheers! CrawCrafts Beasties“Cheers!”

And it’s a surprisingly good time for Beastie travel at the moment – drop back in on Friday, when we’ll have an update from a Beastie abroad! See you then!

13 thoughts on “Bon Voyage, Beastie!

    1. Why thank you! I’m secretly quite pleased with how the hoodie turned out 😀 And you can’t go wrong with a nice IPA, can you? Although we are now heading into the season of stouts and red ales, which is not without its merits 🍻

      1. Stout and red ales are okay, but I will cling to my IPA until they rip it from my hands…or until it’s empty…which probably won’t be long after it gets into my hands.

    1. Heehee! You might even get to have the whole jug to yourself, since he already has his paws full with that oversized IPA 😀 Thanks for your comment, I’m seriously considering making more Beasties in hoodies now!

  1. Wow, what a good looking beastie! I just love his jacket and hoodie! He looks chc and stylish! … Monster girls will be at his heels. 😀

    1. Heehee, thank you! This Beastie’s new human friend picked out his outfit, so I was just responsible for the tailoring… It’s nice to have help sometimes, since I have no fashion sense whatsoever! 😆 I hope the Beastie ladies of Barcelona are ready for him…

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