Life is Beachy for Paddy and Plunkett!

Paddy and Plunkett Hit The Beach - H Crawford/CrawCrafts BeastiesIt’s back to Blighty on the BeastieBlog today! As it turns out, Paddy and Plunkett are still in beautiful Sussex, and they’re finding plenty there to keep them entertained. We’ll join them on the beach in a minute, but first they wanted to share a couple of photos from the village of East Dean, which they passed through on the way… Check out the famous former “resident” of this picturesque cottage!
Sherlock Holmes Lived Here - H CrawfordCrawCrafts BeastiesA little further along the road, the boys came to Birling Gap, where they got their first glimpse of the stunning white cliffs known as the Seven Sisters.
First Glimpse of the Seven Sisters, East Sussex - H Crawfor/CrawCrafts BeastiesAnd they really are WHITE! Plunkett was kicking himself for not thinking to pack his sunglasses!
Plunkett Being Dazzled at the Seven Sisters - H Crawford/CrawCrafts BeastiesThe cliffs maintain their shiny brightness thanks to natural erosion – the soft chalk rock is constantly being nibbled away by the sea, which means that plants and lichens never really get a chance to take over the pristine white surface. Because of this, the Seven Sisters are often used as a stand-in for the more famous White Cliffs of Dover in films and TV… The Dover cliffs are so close to the huge international port that they’re no longer allowed to erode naturally, so they’re a little less white than they used to be!

Let’s follow the boys down onto the beach!
Paddy and Plunkett Among the Pebbles - H Crawford/CrawCrafts BeastiesWith all those white pebbles lying around, it would be quite easy to lose them down here – they’re surprisingly well camouflaged!

After a few games of hide and seek among the stones, the lads decided to spend the afternoon strolling along the clifftop path which links Birling Gap with Beachy Head. On the way, they passed the wonderfully-named Belle Toute lighthouse… Although it was never considered a particularly good lighthouse (according to Wikipedia, its position on the clifftop meant that sea mists often obscured the light, and those people who most needed to be able to see it – sailors venturing too close to the rocky shore – had their view blocked by the cliffs), it is a well-known local landmark, and it’s even appeared on the silver screen a couple of times! And it’s lucky that it’s so popular – in 1999, the cliffs Belle Toute stands on threatened to crumble away from under it and drop it into the sea, so the whole lighthouse was picked up and moved inland! It’s now enjoying a comfortable retirement as a B&B, safe from the ravages of the tides, and its job has been taken over by a much younger, better positioned lighthouse.

Here it is – Beachy Head Lighthouse, which greeted the boys at the end of their wander!
Paddy and Plunkett Reach Beachy Head - H Crawford/CrawCrafts BeastiesWhere will you be spending this weekend? Be sure to share your adventures with us in the comments!

20 thoughts on “Life is Beachy for Paddy and Plunkett!

  1. That’s a nice spot for a visit. Last time I was at Beachy Head there were signs everywhere suggesting people phone the Samaritans. It made it all feel a bit depressing, though I completely understand the intent.

    1. Erk… I can see how that would detract from the atmosphere a bit! Still, the views of the sea and cliffs are truly beautiful – I hope you enjoyed revisiting them with the Beasties 😀

  2. I was hoping the boys were going to have to solve a mystery (The Case of the Missing Lichens, perhaps), but a scenic stroll is just as good! This weekend is Independence Day here which means I’ll be spending the next several days being annoyed by and comforting the cats from fireworks’ explosions.

  3. Glorious photographs! Tourist Boards should employ these two to show off their local areas. Once the Beasties have visited everyone will want to go there.

  4. Ah that brought back some happy memories of visiting the white cliffs of Dover and Beachy Head when I was little. That’s pretty cool that they moved the lighthouse and it’s now a B&B…I would love to stay there!

    Haha I agree with Queen Bee – a Beastie Tour Guide would be awesome! x

    1. I know, I’d love to stay in that lighthouse too! Perhaps Paddy and Plunkett will be able to get me a good deal when they’re world-famous travel writers… I’m definitely going to get them to start sending out CVs this week, I never thought the idea of Beastie tour guides would be such a hit!

  5. It’s the variety of places they seem to be able to visit that amazes me! A far as I remember, this time last year they were in the Orkney Islands which, I understand, is right at the other end of the country, and they’ve been out and about a whole lot of times since then. Hitchhikers extraordinaire….

    1. I know, they certainly do get around! I really need to ask how they know which bags to stow away in – they always manage to end up somewhere interesting! Thanks for reminding me about their Orkney trip, too… was that a whole year ago? Yikes!

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