Merry Beastmas Everybody!


It’s been a hectic couple of weeks here at Beastie Towers, but now it’s time to kick back and relax beside the Christmas tree! Hope you all have a super day, wherever you are!

We’re off to enjoy another helping of Christmas pud now, but we’ll be back next week to introduce you to some of the Beasties who headed away to new homes in time for the festive season! Until then… Happy holidays! 😀🎄🎁

8 thoughts on “Merry Beastmas Everybody!

  1. Well, pint beastie is aboard the new pirate ship, the black mackerel. He apparently met pirate beastie at the pirate pub and decided to join him, he is now in the crow’s nest, having a pint…

    1. Careful now! He’ll spill his pint all over the decks of the Black Mackerel if he doesn’t have his sea legs yet! Pirate Beastie really is assembling quite a crew… He must be planning a serious voyage in the new year!

  2. Oh yes, non stop looting, raiding other pirate ships, looking for treasure island and some special amulets… And exploding all the red coat ships in sight. Santa brought a rather large pirate ship so they could do with more hands on deck now. Pint beastie is fitting right in, although I had a fright this am, when I realised that our youngest dog (aka moon struck pup / yarn tangler) had started opening some of the presents under the tree on her own… and she started with pint beastie and jingle beany… 😦 Boy went to check under the tree as soon as he woke up and came back with pint beastie. He got up just in time, pint beastie and jingle bean were both fine. Phew… I did get up with a start though!
    I hope you guys had a nice Xmas day 🙂

    1. Hahaha! Pirate Beastie truly is the king of the high seas! Good to hear that he got a ship upgrade over the festive season too 😀 And how lucky that Boy was able to save Pint Beastie and Jingle Bean from the canine jaws of death… I suppose that means the pair of them should offer to join the pirate gang as a gesture of gratitude! Thanks for sharing this, I do enjoy getting Beastie updates from their new homes 😀

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