Goth Beastie

Goth Beastie

Meet the first of my new Beasties – Goth Beastie!

Black hair, black dress, black makeup – and just to add a little colour, a bunch of black roses.  I also had a heap of fun putting an appropriate amount of metalwork in her ears… you can just about see the earrings in this closeup!

Goth Beastie Closeup

My local area provided me with the perfect backdrop for these photos – St Kevin’s Park, which was originally the site of St Kevin’s Church.  The church’s graveyard was cleared in the 1960s, and many of the headstones were moved and propped up against the walls.  The ruined shell of the old church still stands in the middle of the park, making it an incredibly sinister place to enjoy an alfresco lunch, but an ideal hangout for Goth Beastie.

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