All in a Day’s Work…

Trucker Beastie 1

This morning I was hunting through my ever-expanding collection of Beastie photos in search of blog post fodder, and I was struck by how much my little monsters have changed over the past year.

When I first started making Beasties, I sent them out into the world with one simple accessory – a book, a guitar, a silly hat. But once I began to get requests from friends and family, I was surprised how quickly they “grew up”. All of a sudden, they started to get jobs! Today I thought I would introduce you to some of these hardworking critters…

Trucker Beastie
Trucker Beastie 2

This Beastie has gone to live in the office of the haulage firm where my dad works. He has a polo shirt in the company colours and a Proof of Delivery docket book, so he should fit right in!

Barrister Beasties

Barrister Beasties 2

A pair of Beasties which were requested as Christmas gifts for two siblings who are both barristers. When I put the finishing touches on my first ever knitted monster, I could never have imagined that I would one day be attempting to design a Beastie-sized barrister’s wig…

Beastie Barristers 2

Nurse Beasties

Nurse Beastie 2

I had two requests for Nurse Beasties – this first one is based on “classic” nurse uniforms…

Nurse Beastie 2

…While this one is modelling a Beastie-sized version of the uniform my friend wears to work every day. Just so everyone knows she is a nurse, I filled her pockets with nurse-y essentials – a pen, a bottle labelled “meds” and a gauze bandage!

6 thoughts on “All in a Day’s Work…

  1. Hi Crawford! Received my nursy beastie in the post! Will be taking her to work on Monday to see if she cuts it in icu! Thanks very much and see u soon. A satisfied customer! ( who hasn’t paid yet!! :s )

  2. My how your Beasties have grown up !!! having professional careers and all, and how super cute in the bargain πŸ™‚

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