Redhead Beastie


A flame-haired Beastie beauty from the island of Ireland… Meet Redhead Beastie!

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Are you the kind of person who looks forward to sweater weather? You could just have found your monster soulmate!

With her lustrous red hair and super-snug handknitted Aran jumper, Redhead Beastie is the poster girl for little Celtic monsters! She’s a one-of-a-kind handmade “Barróg Beastie”, a subspecies of Beastie found exclusively on the island of Ireland. Both she and her sweater are crafted from 100% Irish wool yarn, in colours that reflect the ever-changing hues of the Irish landscape. This particular monster is inspired by Ireland’s coastline, where the rich blue-green of the sea contrasts beautifully with the tufts of small pink flowers that nestle in the cliffs and rocky shores. And that word “barróg”? It means hug in Irish, so you know she’s friendly!

Every Barróg Beastie is handmade by me using my own patterns, and each one leaves home with a passport (complete with hand-drawn picture) so that you can be sure that you’re getting the real deal. The Beastie family is global, and you can join in the fun yourself by sharing pictures of you and your monster’s adventures on our social channels!

Redhead Beastie Facts

  • Height: 13cm (5.125 in)
  • Yarn: 100% Irish wool in Atlantic Green and Heather Pink
  • Hair: Mohair and wool blend
  • Other materials: Wool felt, polyfill stuffing, polyester and cotton thread

Beastie Care
Like her cosy handknitted sweater, Redhead Beastie shouldn’t be washed in the machine. If she needs a bath, a gentle surface wash in cool water is the best way to clean her up. Redhead Beastie is not a suitable playdate for children under 36 months, and would prefer to stay far away from open flames!

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