Gift Beastie


A sweet little Beastie friend with a generous nature.

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This cute woolly monster never stops thinking of others. Choosing, wrapping and sending gifts always gives Gift Beastie the warm fuzzies!

Gift Beastie is a one-of-a-kind handknitted monster, made just for you from soft 100% natural merino and wool yarn. Her carefully-wrapped gift is made from hand-stitched wool felt, and it perfectly matches her hand-knitted woolly hat!

Every Beastie is handmade by me using my own patterns, and each one leaves home with a passport (complete with hand-drawn picture) so that you can be sure that you’re getting the real deal. The Beastie family is global, and you can join in the fun yourself by sharing pictures of you and your monster’s adventures on our social channels!

Gift Beastie Facts

Height: 16cm (6.5 in)
Yarn: Merino and wool blend in Raspberry Pink, Crimson and Sky Blue
Other materials: Wool felt, polyfill stuffing, polyester and cotton thread, ribbon

Beastie Care
If she needs a bath, Gift Beastie can be gently spot-cleaned in cool water. Gift Beastie is not a suitable playdate for children under 36 months, and she should be kept away from fire.


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