Catching Up With Felix

Well hello there, Beastie friends! Wow, it’s been a moment, hasn’t it? So far this year my alter-ego Knit With Helen has been hogging the spotlight a bit, and that’s left precious little time for monster-making activities! But with the weather starting to warm up here in Dublin, my mind has returned to Beastie-er things, and I thought it was high time I started catching you all up on some of what I’ve been doing since we last spoke.

And to kick us off, I wanted to share one of my favourite moments from last year’s Christmas market season.

Let’s set the scene – a weekend in mid-December, with the coldest weather we had had all year. Snow was falling, and there were patches of ice on the ground… So of course, I was doing my first outdoor market for about 5 years! Luckily, I had a roof over my head. But even heaps of layers of warm clothes, a hot water bottle and frequent cups of tea couldn’t keep the chill at bay, and by late afternoon on the second day I was completely frozen and had long since forgotten what it was like to have feeling in my toes.

But then, we had a visitor! Does anybody remember Felix?

Felix Nature Walk - CrawCrafts Beasties

Felix was adopted at one of the last markets I went to before Covid hit. But he’s been very busy since he headed off to his new home… As I found out when he showed up at my market stall with his human family! And what’s that you’ve got there, Felix?

Felix Beastie with his amazing photo scrapbook - CrawCrafts Beasties

It turns out that Felix’s friend has been documenting all his many, many adventures in an amazing scrapbook! So of course, I absolutely HAD to drop everything and see what he had been up to. Here, take a look yourself!

Apologies for the wobbly camera work… My hands were very cold!

While I was having fun looking through Felix’s photos, the star of the show was chatting to the other Beasties on the stall. And guess what?

Felix meets Buddy - CrawCrafts Beasties

He made a friend!

This is Buddy, and Ireland, you’d better look out! Because Felix and Buddy are now hitting the road together. So far, they’ve fearlessly scaled mountains…

Felix and Buddy, Beastie Mountaineers

… Taken a trip to the arcade…

Felix and Buddy play Minecraft

… Enjoyed wholesome hearty bowls of soup big enough for a Beastie to take a bath in…

Felix and Buddy enjoying a hearty dinner

… And occasionally indulged in some less healthy snacking as well.

Felix and Buddy love chips!

Mmmm, delicious! I wonder where they’ll pop up next?

And before I wrap up this post, I owe a massive THANK YOU to Brendan for sending the latest photos of the Beasties out and about, and to Felix and Liam for brightening up a very cold market day. You guys are the best!

Felix and his human best friend, plus the awesome Fun with Felix scrapbook!

11 thoughts on “Catching Up With Felix

  1. Welcome back! The Beastie Adventures have been greatly missed. Felix and Buddy will be taking Ireland by storm, and I just love that they have their own scrapbook. What a brilliant idea! Where will they be heading next, I wonder?

    1. Thanks Queen Bee, nice to see you back as well! And isn’t that scrapbook great? It really warmed me up at the end of a cold December day 😊 Hopefully Felix and Buddy will be in touch again soon with another update…

    1. Hello Tierney, nice to see you back! And don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything… I think this might be my first post since September 🙊 Glad you enjoyed it, anyway, thanks for stopping in as always 😊

  2. Glad to hear about last year’s market, Helen! 🙂 Sounds to have been a chilly day, but worth it for the heartwarming reunion and scrapbook! Proud (as a Canadian) of you for braving the cold (and no surprises that the Beasties are out adventuring in the world!). Glad that the Beastie Blog is back! 😀

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